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Application of Traction Bed

Oct. 26, 2020

Orthopedic traction bed is a novel device that uses mechanical transmission to implement traction. Applying the combination of human physiology and mechanical physical mechanics, it is widely used in various acute and chronic injuries caused by lumbar disc herniation, low back pain, radioactive leg and foot numbness, walking weakness caused by leg muscle atrophy, and traumatic cervical fracture, dislocation, dislocation and other symptoms ; It can also be applied to clinical symptoms such as cervical dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and abnormal blood pressure. The lumbar traction treatment device can exercise itself. It can manipulate itself through the flexible and convenient handle, without the assistance of others, and gradually stretch the joints of the whole body, so as to correct deformed joints, restore growth space, and promote muscles. The purpose of activation of fibroblasts and promotion of bone extension.

Medical Nursing Bed

Medical Nursing Bed

Main functions of Medical Nursing Bed

1. Relax the muscles of the whole body and eliminate fatigue. The human body is in a state of tension under the influence of external pressure. Over time, it will tighten the shoulders and the whole body and lose elasticity, resulting in tightness of the whole body. Using medical health care methods to exercise can relax muscles and muscles, relieve stress, feel relaxed, fatigue disappears, and improve spirit. Vigor reappears.

2. The shoulder and neck elastic health care equipment, the high elastic support belt design and the back neck sliding pillow can traction and support the shoulder and cervical muscles and ligaments to expand the intervertebral foramen, restore and reform the herniated and deformed intervertebral discs, and reduce neck pressure. Regular use can alleviate soreness and discomfort in the shoulder and neck.

3. It can make your legs slim and beautify the lines. Safe and effective physical traction can help the growth of leg muscles, allowing you to obtain a slender leg line in the short term, stretching the waist muscle fibers to achieve the effect of shaping the body invisibly, with a beautiful and moving curve.

4. It can help you correct your posture and stand upright. With age and the influence of external gravity, the spine will be deformed, such as kyphosis, rickets, etc. Frequent use of fitness aids can effectively correct the spine and restore your body to the previous style. It is also good for O-leg correction effect.

5. It can make you stretch and promote, break through the height and directly stretch the traction, eliminate the adverse effects of gravity on the human body, increase the joint space, relax the tendons, promote blood circulation, and provide a good development space for the growth disc .

The application of orthopedic traction table is obviously helpful to the progress of the operation, but it has higher requirements for posture and has certain difficulties. In addition to routine surgical care at work, we should also master the application of traction bed and the operating essentials and standards of positioning, maintain the patient's normal respiratory and circulatory function, and protect the patient's skin, nerve tube and body parts. , Prevent accidental damage and infection. Create a comfortable operating environment for the patient, allowing the patient to pass the operation smoothly.

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