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Orthopedic traction bed M15-3

Specification (mm): 2220×900×500

Orthopedic traction bed M15-3

Specification (mm): 2220×900×500

Product Spotlight

◆ Traction frame specifications: Gantry / simple

◆ ABS headboard and footboard, blow molding for entire piece, the switch located on the outside, solid and beauty

◆ 4 pieces leaf style ABS guardrail, bed full-length cover type, with follow-up motion design to protect patient’s safety

◆ Optional detachable stainless steel gantry traction frame or simple traction frame

◆ Φ130 central control brake casters, aluminum structure, double shank wheel for stable braking

◆ Stainless steel hidden hand crank, two-way limit protection for safety using purpose

◆ With two sections extendable type stainless steel infusion stand

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